Sunday, October 28, 2012

Im still alive!

Yes I am still alive.. and have been busy with Pinterest projects! Its been so long since I posted... And having internet at the house now I figured theres no reason I cant get back to blogging <3 I am working on a couple things right now so now that I am connected to the world again be on the look our for more post :)

Have you been working on anything good?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Year, new home, new job, new chapter!!!

It has been exactly 1 month since I blogged.... And I have hated every single day!

With moving and everything it was just so hectic.. and its super hard to try to blog from my crappy phone!!Things could not be better... Its a new year, which brings new hope, my husband is LOVING his new job, which he deserves so much. We are getting all settled into our new home, which is this cute little older home... There are things I wish I could change, and our landlord says we can do WHATEVER we want to the house, but my husband said he better not come home to find cabinets ripped off the wall...dang it... I really want to paint them etc! Anyways, its all around a new chapter for us.  I still have not made any friends here yet, but oddly I do not feel lonely here at all. I think knowing I am close enough to home, my mom, everything in Texas that I can just jump in the car and go makes me feel better. 

Although I have not been blogging I have been working on a couple projects, and lots of Pinterest cooking/baking... I will post a few of the things I have been working on over the last month today, and the rest tomorrow :)

When I said there are a few things I could change in our new home.. the kitchen is one of them... Its TINY! Like travel trailer tiny... and outdated.. we have this turquoise tile... its awful, there is such a lack of space, with our microwave and my coffee pot on the counter, there is literally no room, but both are necessitates in our house so they have to be out. So with such little room to work, I felt a lack of enthusiasm in trying to cook in there.. So out came my crockpot!

The first meal I made in our new house was an easy one.. I made this Baked Potato Soup and BLTs.. My husband is VERY picky so for the last 12 years I have always been hesitant to try ANYTHING  new, but he loved this soup, he actually went back for 2nds and 3rds! I had a hard time getting the cream cheese to break up completely so there were still some visible chunks, but it was still GREAT. This will defiantly be added to our monthly meal plan!

So the next day with such excitement I decided to make Zesty Italian crockpot chicken.... Again another GREAT success...  All I could think was I don't know why I was always so hesitant to try anything new all these years, this is great!!!! That was until the 3rd day of crockpot cooking.......... I made this.... For future reference I'm not making anything that does not have a name. I'm not sure what you would call this, other than awful. Its a tasteless pile of yuck in your crockpot...... After that hubby requested we have a couple days of regular menu items... It was literally that bad! So I took a couple days off and went back to Pinterest Projects...

When I originally pinned this, I immediately asked my mom and dad for a knife set for Christmas. We had been wanting one, but it was one of those things you know you need, but you don't really buy for yourself.  So as one of our Christmas presents we received a knife set.. At Christmas we were already getting little things packed, so I refused to take it out of the box until we got to our new home... I could not wait to paint it distress it make it mine.  Here is how it originally looks out of the package (plus the knife missing, I guess it was dirty when I took the picture)  Its just a wood grain, nothing fancy about it!
And here is how it looks after I got my hands on it. I bought this grayish paint color awhile back, it was a small paint sample of Martha Stewart Paint and was only 50 cents! I fell in love with the color, then I found a granite that is black and has a similar color it in... My dream kitchen would have this color cabinets distressed just like I have done to the knife block, the black granite counter tops I fell in love with, my dream kitchen anyways.. I don't know that I will ever have it, but a girl can dream right.. so I painted my knife block out like I dream the kitchen will look...
I bought the vinyl decal for another project, and when I got it in the mail to my surprise there were 2 letters!! If you would like to order your own decal go here..
Don't ya just love our turquoise tile... I think it would be cool if it were new, but its so dingy and dirty and chipped it just makes me hate it so much!
Well that gives you an idea of what I have been up to for a few days.. now off to Pinterest to see what I can find to make for dinner tonight!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

STRESSED is Desserts spelled backwards

I have been MIA the last few days... and feeling SUPER guilty about it.. There is just sooooo much going on... We have all been super sick, I have been filling a bunch of bow orders, and trying to get packed which is proving to be a super challenge... Everything is going into storage, except what we can fit in our car.. that's all that is going to Oklahoma with us for the first 3 weeks we are there, then a moving company will come pick up our stuff... I am so nervous so I am trying to fit as much as possible in my car... Okay enough venting...

So in this whole process I have not really gotten to build anything, but I have been baking, which I am learning I actually enjoy.. Our new kitchen is tiny, so I am hoping this new found love for baking/cooking continues in a small kitchen.

I am no Betty Crocker so before I was always reluctant to attempt to bake things.. Pinterest has given me some sort of confidence to attempt all kinds of things!
I made this Cream Cheese Pound cake..

I didn't have a bunt pan, I think thats what its called, so I tried to make it in a loaf pan. I'm not sure if that change make a huge difference, but the batter was amazing, finished product was not so much :( This is a recipe that I will try again using the correct pan and see if the results are better.

I also made these Crescent roll smores.. Holly Molly... soo good.. mine didn't look as pretty as I thought the finished product would look, but who cares, THEY WERE DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to get moved and settled soon so I can get back to my projects.. Without them I feel a bit lost!

Monday, January 2, 2012

BACON... BACON.. I smell bacon

Today I made this Sweet and Spicy Bacon wrapped Chicken... and I thought it was amazing... When I asked hubby he just kept saying its alright.. its alright.. finally he gave me the answer, I would eat it again if you made it, just maybe less Chili Powder and less brown sugar.. Why is that so hard to just tell me yes I like it, No I hate it?

I was a little disappointed in the recipe because it does not tell you exactly how much chili powder, garlic powder or anything, so I just guestimated it.  Like I said I thought it was awesome.

Today was just a cooking project, I had a sick baby girl, packing, household cleaning after my son being home for a week, and I am trying to fill bow orders before the big move... I promise I will have a build/craft project for tomorrow :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who likes packing??? Not this girl

I would like to meet someone who enjoys packing... I don't think such person exist.. I mean the whole packing process is exciting cause you know your going to a new place and get to decorate a new home and all those things.. but ugh.. I hate to pack... I am trying to put all of our Christmas stuff away, but make sure its put away careful enough to make the move... Without going out and buying a $15.00 wreath storer I have no idea how to store this
I loved this project, it was one of the first Pinterest projects I did before I started the blog.. If you want to pin this for next year you can find it here...

I am getting so excited about our big move... We are still in the process of finding a house, so as I was making tonight's project I realized I am decorating an unknown house... Hopefully we find something amazing with so much charm that me and all my little knick knacks and projects I have been making fit in and has a million inches of wall space for me to make more... okay I can dream... I pinned this project before knowing we would be moving, and started it with plans of hanging it in Emmas room (why is it so much easier to decorate Emmas room then Elijahs? Boys are hard!). But I knew I had to make this.

I have no idea why I had bought this wood to begin with, but I bought it, had the guys at Lowes cut it for me, and its been stored in our front closet for about a month now... I am trying to use as much of the wood I have stored as possible cause hubby says it will not make the move, I will have to donate it to Habitat ReStores... You will need some sort of wood, any would work, a mason jar and some wire, and a drill... and paint of your choice. I chose white and gave it a black distressing.
I am sorry the lighting is so poor, our current house only has lighting in the bathroom and the kitchen and its very poor. We have to have lamps throughout the rest of the house. Lights in ceiling and central head and air are must haves in our next house, a dishwasher would be an AMAZING bonus... Anyways I can not wait to find our new home, get moved in and hang this SOMEWHERE, with some pretty pink flowers.. how cute would that be. I love fresh flowers in our house, and my hubby is very good about bringing them home often <3

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcoming Porch

I have the worst black thumb, I kill any and all plants I try to plant, so our porch always looks so...blah.. so while on a pinning spree I saw this

I thought I could do this.. but minus the pot of plants cause I would just kill it anyways. So away I went to Lowes.. only to be disappointed, this project calls for a 4x4 post, which Lowes sells, but they have no way to cut for you. So I drove 35 min to our closes Home Depot. This project will be based on your own personal preference. If you want to make something like mine, when you buy your post at Home Depot have them make all your cuts, I had them cut 2 3ft  and 1 2ft piece.  You will also need a 1x6, if you have them cut it you wont need any tools at home.

I made the first one (the small one) and remembered I had this wooden cross, so I did all my painting, then started on the second one. The second one will hold a sign that says our last name, I am waiting on the vinyl cut-out to come in the mail then I can complete the sign. I can not wait till it gets here.. I was soooo excited for it to be this finished I had to post!
I am so excited to FINALLY be able to announce that we will be moving!! We are moving to
I can not wait to get moved, get settled into a new place and place these on my new porch, hopefully by then I will have the sign with our last name done!!

With that move starting off our year, I know 2012 is going to bring great things for us, I can happily say

Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

I am no Betty Crocker

Todays post is a short one, but only becuase I am working on a great project for tomorrow! Plus I had a really crappy day.

Over the last 2 days I have realized I am no Betty Crocker, I guess each day is a hit or miss as to weather the meal will turn out good or not... Yesterday I attempted to make my husband (who is Hispanic) tortillas from this recipe. Total epic fail. I was so disappointed, they were so dry. I posted my frustration on Facebook, and had a friend from High school send me another recipe to try. If you try this recipe and have better luck, please let me know what I did wrong :(

I was patient and let the balls I broke off rise for 30 min and everything :(

Today my hubby had to work all night long, I hate when he has to work so hard :(   But it is good for me because it was a simple dinner night (Tuna Helper, my kiddo loves it) and we made these Chocolate and Peanut Butter filled crescent rolls.. These are so simple and were so delish!
All you need is a roll of crescent rolls, a little bit of peanut butter, and a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips.
Roll our and separate your rolls, spread some peanut butter on them and drop a few chocolate chips on it... Cook at 375 for about 10 min, or until lightly browned... So easy right?!!?  So good!

So for the rest of the night me and my babies are cuddled up in bed watching TV and snacking :)